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Fairtex HB16 Hydro Heavy Bag

Original price was: ฿5,120.00.Current price is: ฿4,890.00.

This hydro heavy bag from Fairtex is great for developing foot jabs, front kicks and knee strikes. It’s designed to be filled easily with water at home. The weight can be easily adjusted depending on personal preference. The rebounding feel of a water-filled punching bag is more natural and closer to reality than the unresponsive filling of traditional bags.

Fairtex Hydro Heavy Bag

The Fairtex HB16 Hydro Heavy Bag is designed specifically for Muay Thai stand up clinching, kneeing, punching and kicking drills with the unique tear drop shape to simulate an opponent. Water punching bags have the potential to preserve the quality of the rebound for as long as their shell is intact. The rebound of water within the bag also makes hitting it easier on the hands and especially a great benefit for beginners. The Hydro Heavy Bag comes with hook and rope for hanging.

It measures roughly 46 cm in diameter x 58 cm. After filling the bag, it will weight approximately 45kg.

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Weight 3.8 kg