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Fairtex TP3 Thigh Pads

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Heavy duty pads constructed with durable Syntek Leather made of high density foam core for maximum shock absorbency. A true innovation in trainers pads. Allows full force leg kicking without having to move your kick pads or focus mitts. Designed to accommodate a belly pad comfortably. Can be used as a pair or individually.

Fairtex TP3 Thigh Pads

Nylon water repellent lining offers protection against sweat entering padding, Designed to help develop leg kick speed, timing, and accuracy. Waist clip straps and lace for tight fit plus waist support.

Come with four white target points for accuracy drills. Light weight and durable. Designed for heavy use.

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Additional information

Weight 6.5 kg

Black, Blue, Red


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