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Fairtex FMV15 Speed & Accuracy Focus Mitts


This new super lightweight curved mitts is a best selling item in this new collection. Made from high quality Microfiber for maximum durability and lightweight.  Curved pads are designed to perfectly fit to your palm structure and is a great shock absorbent.

Fairtex FMV15 Speed & Accuracy Focus Mitts

These curved focus mitts fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. Extra padding on the back of the mitts helps absorb shock and cushion your hands from hard punches. Designed with athletes in mind, these new focus mitts are compact and lightweight with micro targets for speed and accuracy training. Rated best micro mitts by trainers world-wide. Made from high quality microfiber for maximum durability. Overall dimension is 16cm wide by 19cm high, with a gold 5 x 5cm target in the center.

  • Color: Black and Gold
  • Material: Microfiber (Synthetic Leather)
  • Hand-made in Thailand

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Weight 1 kg